MISUI designs a pendant in support of breast cancer research

On the occasion of International Breast Cancer Day (October 19th), MISUI is supporting the research effort of the FERO Foundation with the sale of a silver pendant designed by Marc Monzó, jeweller and creative director of MISUI.

The FERO Foundation is a non-profit, charitable and scientific organization created in 2001 by Dr. José Baselga – Medical Director of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York and Chairman of the Scientific Committee at the Vall d´Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) – and an array of personalities from civil society and institutions. The foundation aims to cover the gaps in the development of cancer research and help alleviate the social impact of the disease.

The whole profit from the sale of each MISUI pendant will go to the FERO foundation and, more specifically, to the work it carries out in the field of breast cancer research.

The pendant can be purchased at the jewellery stores of Union Suiza, in Barcelona and Madrid, or from the Misui online store (RRP 100 eur).

The design, by Marc Monzó, is an open and respectful interpretation that unites three elements: a circle and a ball, both of silver, and a pink cord that alludes to the colour of the fight against this disease. The small ball hides within the cord closure, and the circle, being solid, brings presence and strength to the piece.

In one of its multiple interpretations, its design may be an abstraction of the breast when the circle and ball are united; divided, can be considered a reference to the cure or to the disease itself. The ball is a satellite and there is an orbit dialogue between the large object and the small object: they both need each other. The circle moves freely through the string until it engages with its silver “satellite”.

Finally, the length of the necklace corresponds to the length of the Olympic medals, in a nod to the courage of those who face this disease, those who support the women who suffer from it and those who help to eradicate it.